Professional Cleaning Chingford

With hundreds of clients from all across London and a good spot on the Chingford market, our professional cleaning services is a good choice for any home.

For any occasion, if someone is in need of our services, our team will be there and will bring along their professionalism and high standards. They have worked in this industry long enough to have the knowledge and skills to make every client happy.

When someone contacts us, if this person is a new client, the first thing we do is to introduce them to the service. We guide them through the entire process from hiring of the professional cleaning service, to its completion. We do this so to make sure that this person is sure weather or not they actually want to hire us.

Professional Cleaning Services Prices
Regular Cleaning £16
One Off Cleaning £16
Deep Cleaning £18

The second step of the introduction is to encourage the client to ask questions surrounding the Chingford area if they have such. It is very important for us to be sure that are clients are properly informed and know what they are paying for.

We always make sure to keep the client impressed and happy

When the introduction is over, the client can move on to booking an appointment for the professional cleaning service. After they do that, the cleaning team is notified and they take over from there.

This team is made up of perfectionists who uphold the standards that we promise. They arrive on time at the client’s home and get to work right away.

The first thing they do is to take care of the general cleaning, this includes tasks that cover every room of the client’s home.

After that is done, they will concentrate their attention on the details of every room, cleaning everything specific in that certain room, like the appliances in the kitchen or the bathtub in the bathroom.

All cleaning products and other consumables used by our cleaning team are carefully curated from the Chingford market to be not only effective but also safe for the health of our cleaning team and environmentally friendly.

“When I had your professional cleaning services for the first time, I booked only for the cleaning of the carpets. But you did an amazing job and I was really impressed with the results and your professional attitude. From then on I rely only on you for any type of cleaning and I am more than happy. Definitely recommend you! – Nora”

“I was on a vacation and I left the house in the hands of my kids. When I came back everything was in a total mess and I was really annoyed. Obviously, they had a party and I needed some help for the cleaning. I booked your professional cleaning services and the results are great. The cleaners worked very diligently! – Tom”