Professional Cleaning Whetstone

We like to offer a service that is an unique opportunity for every homeowner. Cleaning is not the most fun thing to do for most people, so weather you live alone, with a partner, or have a family, our professional cleaning services can take over the troubles of maintaining the house while you concentrate on other, more important things surrounding your life.

Our services have been a favorite choice on the Whetstone market with hundreds of clients just this season. Whatever you decide, we are here and ready to do our job.

The way we do our job, starts like this – Someone who might be a potential client gives a call and the first thing we do is to introduce that person to our professional cleaning services.

Professional Cleaning Services Prices
Regular Cleaning £16
One Off Cleaning £16
Deep Cleaning £18

Our team is explaining to them how the whole service proceeds from start to finish. We want to make sure that the people who come to us are certain weather or not they would want to hire us.

When we have a job to do, we make sure to do it in the most proper way

If the person calling has questions surrounding the Whetstone area, our team makes sure to provide them with the answers they are looking for. It is our priority for our clients to be perfectly informed and not confused or uncertain about something they have to pay for.

When the caller goes on to booking an appointment for the professional cleaning service, the cleaning team is notified soon afterwards, and they make sure that they will be at the client’s home right on time.

Our team also expects that the client will be home as well, or at least someone from the household, because if there is no one, they will have no other options but to leave.

When the crew arrives at the client’s home, they get to work right away. They clean every room from one end to the other and from top to bottom without missing even the most obscure areas.

Every cleaning products used by our team is carefully selected from the Whetstone market, as we have made sure that they are Eco friendly and safe for the health of our team.

“I live in a flat and it is true that it’s small, but I simply have no time to clean. That’s why I rely on your professional cleaning services and I am your customer for years. The results are always great and I am really excited to see my neat and cosy flat after your cleaning. The best is that you are available even on the weekends! – Lily”

“I work in an office and for its sanitation I rely on your professional cleaning services. You work really fast and discreet. The cleaners are really comprehensive and punctual people, who work in a very organised way. I usually benefit from your packages, because I use also cleaning of the carpet. Remarkable results every time! – Henry”