Professional Cleaning New Cross

While carrying out our professional cleaning service, we always keep in mind the client. We want to leave a positive impression and that is why we put in a lot of effort and dedication into our work.

Which involuntarily has placed us in a preferred spot on the New Cross market, which motivates us and that results in us being even more dedicated and having even more satisfied clients.

All of our brand new clients don’t get to hire the service first. No, they have to know what they will be paying for. We will explain to them what is going to happen when the professional cleaning service is hired until its completion. The clients need to be sure if they want to hire us or not.

Professional Cleaning Services Prices
Regular Cleaning £16
One Off Cleaning £16
Deep Cleaning £18

With the introduction, we also encourage our clients to ask questions if they have any. We provide the answers to anything that falls into the SE14 area. Whatever it takes, the client should not be confused or oblivious as to what they are paying for.

No matter how cold the season is, your home will be a warm heaven

The client hires the service and we make sure to arrive right on time. We expect our clients to be home when we arrive. There won’t be any service if no one is home.

When we get to the client’s home we don’t take long to start working. We make sure to cover every square inch from one end to the other and from top to bottom. We become perfectionists when we clean, so everything needs to be perfect.


The cleaning products that we use are completely safe for the Environment, our health and the client’s home. We have carefully selected them from the New Cross market as we have made sure that they are effective and powerful, but also a smart and safe choice.

The clients have control over the service, if they need to, they can change up the schedule or cancel the service all together whenever they want. The clients also do not pay for any consumables that we use. And every single one of them has their service carried out equally.

“Your cleaners cleaned my leased flat yesterday and this morning my landlord came to inspect it. I am very excited to tell you that he was very satisfied with the level of cleanliness and agreed to return my deposit. You definitely are a trustworthy cleaning company and I will use your professional cleaning services again! – Sam”

“Yesterday one of your operatives came to clean my oven and I am more than happy with the final result. He was thorough and diligent as well as friendly and well-mannered. It was a pleasure to work with your company and I will definitely use your professional cleaning services again – Cindy”