Professional Cleaning Balham

Have you ever tried cleaning up via phone call? You know how you can order take-out, well you can do the same with cleaning up. Just call up a company that provides a cleaning service and they will send over a professional who will take the cleaning related troubles off of your shoulders.

Our professional cleaning service has been a handy option for a large amount of people from ours and other neighboring Burroughs. Thanks to the effort our team puts in, we keep getting endorsed and have become a favorable option on the Balham market.

Our entire team is consistently upholding the high standards that our service promises. We are all dedicated and work very hard.

Professional Cleaning Services Prices
Regular Cleaning £16
One Off Cleaning £16
Deep Cleaning £18

That is what each and every one of us has learned over the years of being in the Balham industry. Everyone has enough knowledge and skills which we channel into carrying out every single appointment perfectly.

This job is not just cleaning people’s homes, when a brand new client calls us, we make sure that they get and outstanding client support.

We work with military precision

The first thing a new client goes through is an introduction to the service. We explain to them how everything works from start to finish so that they are sure weather or not they would want to hire us.

After the client books their appointment for the professional cleaning service, the next we do is notify the cleaning team, and this is where they take over. They tend to be very strict with their schedule so they make sure to be at the clients home always on time.

When they arrive, they don’t do anything aimlessly, they get straight to work. The cleaning team is made up of professionals in the Balham field, they will be sure that all standards are met and the client will be satisfied.

When the team cleans, they thoroughly cover every square inch of the client’s home without leaving even the most obscure areas unchecked. The cleaning products that they are using are completely safe for the health of the environment and the client’s home.

“ Thank you for the great service! Your company is very trustworthy as I recently found. I have been tricked by other cleaning companies but yours seems to be okay. I recently used one of your professional cleaning services – oven cleaning- and everything was great. I will try other services from your company for sure. -Troy”

“ What amazing services you have. And your prices are great as well. Not too long ago I needed an affordable carpet cleaning service and even though it was a risk to not hire an expensive service I trusted your company and got amazing results. Thank you so much for the prices and the results. -Hannah”