Professional Cleaning Soho

Proper cleaning of your home and property is achieved by precision, constant cleaning and care.

Sadly, nowadays less and less people have the time to perform the cleaning they want. Usually after a hard days work your last wish is to put on the cleaning gloves and clean to achieve a state of acceptance of your home.

Our professional cleaning service, located in Soho, is entirely on your side against battling dirt and busy time table. Whatever cleaning task you need to perform on your property we will do it instead of you and we will do it better.

Professional Cleaning Services Prices
Regular Cleaning £16
One Off Cleaning £16
Deep Cleaning £18

For the last 4 years we have been the most active and desired professional cleaning company in Soho. This is the result of complete dedication and very hard work.

All of our cleaning technicians have been carefully picked out- they are all trained professionals with various skills, techniques and methods for removing dirt, dust and stubborn stains.

Our cleaning technicians as the key, and most important asset, of our success

They have been background-checked and legally licensed to practice cleaning in Soho, trustworthy and extremely diligent, they are the dream cleaning crew of every customer out there. If you have any question regarding the cleaning process they will be happy to explain it to you, they are friendly and love their jobs which explain the constant quality results of their cleaning.

The cleaning equipment and cleaning materials will be provided by our company- basically, all you have to do is give us a call and we will take care of everything else. The equipment our technicians carry is the latest, most efficient on the market. We are able to clean every nook and cranny and do so with excellence and precision.

West Ealing
West Kensington

The battle with stubborn stains on the carpet and furniture is coming to an end- we can remove them safely without damaging the furniture nor the fabric. Invisible dust and dirt lurking from the hard-to- reach places of your home will be tackled away- we guarantee that the end-cleaning result of our cleaning will have a long-lasting effect before it is time for a refreshment.

“ I was more than glad with the results that I got from this company and I have decided to use their other services as well. I was told that this company had economical prices and it was true. I did not have to spend too much money on a simple oven cleaning service! -Rupert”

“ My neighbour recommended me to use this company’s house cleaning service since I rarely stay too long at home and do not bother cleaning it much. I booked the cheapest package and was pleasantly surprised. Since then I have booked them for monthly house cleaning and my home is always sparkling clean after their visit. -Allan”