Professional Cleaning Brixton

Do you wish to replace your carpet every time you stain it? This would be throwing money out of the window, you know. Why? Because we can erase every stain from your carpet, no matter how persistent it is – just call us and book our professional cleaning services.

We’re based in Brixton and our professional cleaning company specializes in carpet deep steam cleaning. However, we can also assist your windows, oven, and we also offer deep and end of tenancy cleaning services, too. Our professional cleaning services are available for booking throughout the week and even on bank holidays, too.

Professional Cleaning Services Prices
Regular Cleaning £16
One Off Cleaning £16
Deep Cleaning £18

We ask you to choose us and not others in SW2 because we have abundant experience in the field of professional cleaning. Ever since we’ve set up shop more than six years ago, we haven’t stopped impressing our clients. Today, we’re the preferred choice of many people all over Brixton. Join our team – book our professional cleaning services today.

Aiming to please you at all costs

Our professional cleaning company was established more than six years ago with the sole aim to help people keep their carpets clean. Later, we gathered the professional gear which enabled us to assist your ovens, windows, and to deliver deep cleanings of your property.

Our mission is to deliver professional cleaning services at affordable rates to people from all over SW2. We constantly aim to improve our cleaning services and we do it by providing our technicians with regular training programs where they can learn new cleaning methods and perfect their cleaning skills.


If you book us to clean your carpet, it’ll receive a 5-step cleaning service. The service includes: hoovering with our heavy duty vacuum cleaner, pre-clean treatment of stains and discolorations, professional cleaning with our high-tech deep steam cleaning machine, complete deodorization of your carpet, and finally up to 95 percent moisture extraction from your carpet.

Choose us to keep your carpet clean because we know how to do it. We’re the professional cleaning company you need, our services are affordable and available throughout the week. We operate in Brixton only, choose us.

“I have cleaners from this company cleaning my apartment every Friday. I am very satisfied with the professional cleaning that they provide and I can never trust another company again. For everyone who needs some extra help with the cleaning you should definitely try hiring this company. – Jeremy”

“I am a regular customer for a few years now and I can guarantee you that this company’s professional cleaning is no joke. Once you have a cleaner from this company in your house you will know that you cannot trust anyone else with your home because no one is as good as they are. – Sabrina”